The breed is very people-oriented and makes friends easily. These very clever Shih Tzus have minds of their own, and they can be a little stubborn when they choose.

The muzzle is short and square. The well-set neck is flowing into shoulders smoothly. The dog’s chest should be rather broad and deep. The Shih Tzu’s legs are straight and muscular. The well-padded feet should point straight ahead. The tail is curled over the back of the dog. The large eyes are round and looking straight ahead. The heavily coated ears are set below crown of skull.

Height: 9 to 10 inches at the withers
Weight: 9 to 16 pounds
Life Span: Shih Tzus live up to be 15 years or more.


Shih Tzus – Adopting a Dog

Nanking Kennels Rescue Shih Tzus can come from a variety of situations. Dogs are put in foster homes where their health and temperament are evaluated. All rescue dogs are spayed or neutered. They are also brought current on all vaccines and treated for medical problems. Each rescue Shih Tzu stays in the foster home until a suitable adoptive family is found.

The first and foremost concern of rescue organizations involved with Shih Tzus is the welfare of the dogs. A high maintenance breed, the Shih Tzu is not the breed for all. The Shih Tzus should be protected from the extremes of temperatures. Ear infections and eye diseases are typical of the breed and having adopted a rescue Shih Tzu, you might have to deal with some health problems. Rescues consider homes that want a Shih Tzu as an indoor family member.

Shih Tzus – Care

Daily grooming with a bristle brush is necessary to keep the Shih Tzu’s long coat in a good condition. To allow the Shih Tzu to see properly, it is a custom to tie a topknot with a bow on its head. Some owners may prefer to have their pets trimmed for easier coat maintenance. Check the dog’s eyes and ears regularly. The ear passages and the eyes should be kept clean and free of infections. The Shih Tzu’s eyes are very sensitive. Consult your vet to use special eye drops if needed. Shih Tzus are perfect dogs for allergy sufferers, as they shed little to no hair.

Do not buy a puppy on impulse.

Instead, make a responsible choice. Reputable breeders are supposed to produce purebred Shih Tzus of high quality. Explain your life style, family activity level, experience with dogs, and knowledge on the Shih Tzu breed. Healthy purebred Shih Tzus will make great companions and trustworthy family friends.


Shih Tzus need elaborate grooming because of their luxurious, flowing coats. These dogs should be bathed at least once every week with a mild pet shampoo. They should be brushed daily. Their coat and nails should also be clipped at regular intervals. Ears should be cleaned with an ear cleaning solution. Cleaning teeth at least twice a week will prevent infections from setting in. During bathing, their anal glands should be cleaned.