Yes, they may look really cute, but just like any other dog, you’re going to find that your Shih Tzu has certain behaviors that you just won’t like. That doesn’t mean they’re always going to be behaving badly, but it could be something that you just find annoying and want to put a stop to.

Before you get too upset with your dog, especially if he or she is a puppy, you need to keep in mind that some of these behavioral traits are simply natural and are passed down to him or her via their genetics. Other now-familiar traits could be learned via social interaction with other dogs, or perhaps you let him/her get away with things when they were younger and now they think that it’s normal and acceptable.

The only way you’re now going to stop those negative behavioral habits is to start training your dog, and make sure that you are firm and consistent at all times. There’s no point in saying you don’t like him/her doing something now, but then in a week or two you see them doing the same thing and you don’t put a stop to it because you’re too tired or for some other reason.

So here are just some of the more common behaviors you may find with your Shih Tzu, along with some ideas on how to put a stop to them.


Biting is definitely one of the more instinctive behaviors for dogs. Biting is obviously one of the defense mechanisms a dog has, but puppies really do it as a means of testing other puppies in their litter to determine their place in the pack. However when they bite their owners it’s really more about playfulness, exploring their environment, and sometimes it’s due to teething.

Because biting can have serious consequences for your dog and any victim that they bite, it’s very important that you stop this behavior quickly and when they’re puppies. As the owner and voice of authority for your Shih Tzu, you need to show that biting it not acceptable right from the very start. Never physically punish your dog for biting, but you can do other things such as speak to them with a loud stern voice so they know that you’re not happy. You can also put them in time-out in their cage, or you can simply turn your back, stop playing with them and ignore them for a short while once they nip you. Keep doing this and eventually, they will get the message not to bite.