Shih Tzu is best and intelligent

These are intelligent and can be easily taught certain skills to turn them into well-behaved, housetrained dogs. Shih Tzus thrive on attention and affection and while training them, owners should always use the method of positive reinforcement. Consistent encouragement in the form of praise , should be used to help them adapt to the training process. They should be potty trained and house-trained from a very young age.

Extensive socialization can curb their aggressive tendencies and help them distinguish between friendly and hostile behavior. They are sensitive animals and harsh treatment would yield nothing positive. Acquainting him with words like, ‘no’, ‘don’t’, ‘yes’, ‘sit’, ‘go’, ‘wait’, and ‘heel’, should make him receptive towards owners.

Activity Level

The dog does not require rigorous exercise. Taking him on walks once daily should be perfect. It is fairly active indoors.

They enjoy lazing indoors for long hours and may even become fat. In such cases, short walks or indoor exercise can help a great deal.